Lisa Stickley’s Made at Home

£16.99, published by Quadrille

I admit, I’m not hugely into sewing – even though I have a G.C.S.E in Needlework – however, this lovely new book from textile designer Lisa Stickley, offers enough to tempt me rather alot. I particularly love the unconventional-ness of the lack of capitals in the text as it gives a fresh, modern feel to the book. Another favourite feature is Lisa’s drawings, full of quirkyness with originality.

So, down to the nitty gritty, though being a non-sewing person at present I can’t give you a review on patterns and instructions, but I can say that I think the book offers a fab cross-section of easy to make homewares with how-to drawings that include cushions, a blind, a pinny, placemats and peg bag. If you love sewing or simply fancy having a go for the first time then this book is a fantastic buy.

tea cosy

hanger coats

The product images are great and well styled, and the book is nicely laid out which makes for easy reading. Another bonus is that it’s a good chunky size  – there is nothing worse than trying to follow instructions from a book that is too small…

It’s available from and all good bookshops, priced at £16.99 and published by Quadrille

3 responses to “Lisa Stickley’s Made at Home

  1. Looks great, Sophie, I will be sure to check it out! Thanks for the review!

  2. Great range. Her shop is in the road I lived in when I first moved to London. I think it’s a bit smarter now!

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