Happy Habitat!


from top to bottom: jazz striped outdoor cushion, £12, sherbert, £35, joanie cushion designed by ella doran, £25, amphi cushion, £4.80, jazz striped cushion, £12, dougal pink dotted throw, £110, polly patch quilt, £85, all habitat



A few days ago I was lucky enough to receive a press release from Habitat with a sneaky peek at their new lifestyle images for Spring/Summer 2011 and what a delight! Delectable tableware, bold & bright garden furniture and some stunning cushions and blankets… take a look and see what you think!


top shelf, left to right: joanie patterned teacup & saucer, £7, nil white bowl with blue trim (stacked), £5, middle shelf, left to right: doily wall clock, £17.50, nil white sugar bowl with blue rim, £7.50, nil white with blue handle teacup & saucer, £5, nil white with blue handle coffee cup & saucer, £5, nil white blue handled teapot, £22, bottom shelf, left to right: joanie melamine plate, £6, poppie mini cupcake cases (12), £2.25, nil white with blue handle milk jug, £6, bistro side plate, £2.50, joanie patterned mug, £7, joanie melamine tray, £12, all habitat

from left to right: tam tam pink plastic stool, £12, parc turquoise outdoor chair, £32, rosso pink outdoor table, £44, sadie pink set of 4 wine glasses, £12, aerial blue pendant light, £40, marcel green bentwood chair, £72, macadam olive green metal chair, £10, all habitat



One response to “Happy Habitat!

  1. The bright cushions and throws are just perfect for summer!

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